In a session of deepening the slave’s sense of helplessness, she was tied up in one position after another and in every second position she was caned or forced to orgasm respectively. This one was special. Sitting in the bed, hands tied over her head, and legs secured in a spread position, she was fully accessible for an energetic wand. her orgasm was immense, and lasted for an impressing 1 minute and 32 seconds, overtaking her in waves, screaming, pleading, panting. Intensity was brutal and she bit her own arm in order to stand it until it had ran its course. Beautiful.

There we go. Outdoor season is officially opened. Endless of possibilities arise. A slave naked, tied, helpless, alone. It may be a detail – she forgot to act on a minor everyday task she got from her Owner – but these “minor” things have occurred three times the last week and can’t be dismissed without correction. It is wreckless, nonchalant, arrogant, and simply not good enough for the slave. she needs to be taught better. she needs to be taught better b’coz her Owner demands her full attention; not a tiny piece of it. And also, she is at her most beautiful when she is iron-tightly disciplined, which she wants to be for her Owner at all times. her Owner left her there to reconsider her behaviour. Sunny and sweet….but 14 degrees and a sharp wind does after all bite a naked, petite and scared li’l slavegirl….after a while an uncontrollably shaking slavegirl was not arrogant anymore. As she was caned, she probably forgot that anyone passing by might have observed her being beaten by her Owner like a disobedient stray dog. Now it is time too see if she was efficiently taught….

At times, the cold basement, the hood, and the chains are not enough to properly subdue the li’l slavegirl. But in combination with the cane she soon becomes soft, sweet and pliable. In bad cases, the cane also fondles her bare soles….that sends the message through in a clear way and leaves her howling, gasping for air. So sweet.

The slave had been sloppy and worked herself into a place where she needed to be disciplined. Tied tightly to a beautiful early 19th century chair, she was caned sternly while being told how to behave. Striped, reddened and screaming from the top of her lungs, she soon realized that she had to be corrected. Master and slave left the session with a conviction that the slave had been improved.