Beaten, broken and raped. Repeatedly. Finally at ease, falling asleep kissing her Owner’s feet. In her place. And indeed, she had earned the spot at her Owner’s feet, serving hard under the whip and the cane. First some stern punishments for dis-respect. Then some disciplining for keeping standards up. Finally, some lengthy, sheer sadistic, pleasure, as adviced by the slave-trainer, entirely for Owner’s and Trainer’s benefit. A blissful eve.

The slave did not reach her weight loss target six months after her pregnancy. Now harsher measures need to be applied. Though she is luscious with ample breasts and nice curves, we all want her back to her tasty slim, slutty self. Right!? As an extra incentive, she is being caned every other day. The formula is ten strikes per kg overweight. Yesterday she was four kg over her ideal weight and received 40 strikes with the rattan cane. To be continued….

The li’l slave think it is not fair…you have all seen “elite pain” and “Russian Spanking” where the girls get beaten and striped into a bloody mess!? The slave believes that she gets beaten harder than that but her ass does not bruise as easily and her skin does not break, hence she does not seem to produce an equally battered and beautifully beaten body. her Owner is more leaning towards “If it does not show, it did not hurt (enough)”. Either way, this time she has a lovely ass to show off. Even her Owner believes it really did hurt. Nice…

A Singapore cane is an 1,2 meter long rattan cane used in the official penalty system. Those sentenced to strokes from the cane is supervised by a medical team, and padded over sensitive body parts such as kidneys and neck. The power of the cane is of the magnitude that it must not hit the wrong spot. No more than 24 strokes is ever allowed in the Singapore system. If we add the information that the slave crudely lost discipline on her slave protocol, you have all the info you need to understand the picture correctly. This time she was tied up to remain in place. But 24 was not enough…let see if her striped ass was sufficient to regain discipline. If not there is more to come….

Recovering from pregnancy and birth, her Owner is gradually taking her back to previous levels of brutality. her body can now again be beaten all over without hurting the baby, and she can again be tossed around, tied, and, abused freely. her Owner is here preparing her for a perfect deepthroat by caning her to deep submission before using her. Naked, with luscious breasts, hands tied to a hook in the ceiling, she is vulnerable and defenseless, just as He likes her. she was given a regular beating over the ass, from which she was wiggling and squirming, being spoiled with softer treatment for a while. But the highlight was a dozen sharp strikes across the front of her thighs, leaving unusually deep and beautiful marks. It is lovely to dress her in her Owner’s colors and stripes. Things are getting back to normal…..

Having been pregnant she has been beaten, raped and used consistently by her Owner. But of course restrictions have been in place in order to secure her health and the baby’s wellbeing. Now, she must be brought back from the perception of having “limits” and any ideas of fragility must be broken down. she must be put back into her place where she knows in body soul and mind that her Owner does what He wants with her at any given moment. She must serve and suffer. she will be tied, whipped and used intensively for a while. Here, 48 hours after delivery, her ass is caned red and tender as a first reminder of that privileges and softness need to vanish. It is a pleasure to discipline and torture her now: her mind is sensitive, her skin is smooth, and her breasts are full and vulnerable. The sky is the limit.

The little whore was ordered and given the chance to earn some money for her Owner. she failed to do that and she knew she would be facing consequences. If her Owner did not have any use for her to pull in some money, He certainly would have His fun in other ways…..she was placed naked and spread on a wand and told that she would be caned until she orgasmed. her Owner was kind enough to bring out her favorite rattan and started to working on her. Some rapid 300 lashes later she was close to cuming. Of course she was denied to cum for a while as the caning continued. On the brink, brutally caned, denied cuming, helpless and belittled….can a slave be in a better place? Spoiled the little creature is. Eventually she was allowed and the caning intensified right through a long and hard orgasm. Then there was peace…she did not bring any dew to her Owner, but certainly put a big sadistic smile on His face and a beautiful peace in His soul.

Tied up in a safe place. Immobilized and helpless. Today the slave had earned 200 lashes with the rubber-clad rattan cane (an evil one she says, but of course she exaggerates). Presently in a hotel room, secured to the metal bars in the wall over the bed, by coincidence a nice message shines through between the slave’s fastened hands while she is being caned: pain is Love; torture is care; discipline is character-enhancing; and the slave’s bounded helplessness to determine anything at all is fundamental. 200 “loves” later and a beautifully reddened slavegirl, she was was given a chance to cum under her Owner’s treatment within a minute….or face another 200 “loves”. she came hard well within the time limit, and her Owner was pleased. Pain is love!

The li’l slave needs discipline in all walks of life. she is trained by remaining still when being caned, even in the extreme. her Master’s order – always and irrespective – being stronger than her discomforts (or extreme pain in the lil girl’s words) is the the goal. she is now good, but not good enough. she needs a bit of help to come further. Here, she is restrained by an anal hook (which this time has no tiger balm on), up to the hook in the ceiling and and back to the collar. she is scared of being choked and she has a sensitive little princess ass, so she stays still. Especially when the horizontal rope midway tightens the arrangement as is necessary to keep her in place. Now, in this position, she is very good at taking a good caning without moving around. In fact, she stays very still until she is released. her Owner can beat her in good order until she gets what she deserves. Next time she will be caned without the arrangements, but with an anal hook smeared in tiger balm waiting to be inserted and strung up if necessary….

she had been bad. she is caned more or less every day, and she is often pussywhipped with the soft leatherwhip. But she is rarely caned straight across the pussy and the clit. she was yesterday. she suffered beautifully. she had been eating chocolate without permission and she had been going to bed later than prescribed. Both was a violation of her well-known rules and cannot be accepted. Not now, not never. Sore pussy or not!