Are you wanting to own another slave? Are you wanting another live in slave? How does your current slave feel about it? I know she would do anything you want but why are her thoughts?

Practical Nitty-gritty aside, Yes.
We were on our way there some years ago, but it derailed. In fact, processes of the sort may be in the making….

The point of taking in another slave would not be to dilute intensity or loosening the bond. It would be to strengthen it. Discipline and obedience would be enhanced, when one slave would be watching the other, the other not wanting to fail in the face of another slave, being deeper ashamed if she falters, enhancing her effort to please. The good example of one would be the law for the second. The laws for the second would be the level to always reach for the first.

slave would like the Idea, be worried for the introduction of a new slave, get horny from being disciplined alongside a new slave, be effectively put in place,but sensitive to Owner being demanding and precise. Either way, Owner persisting, slave complies eventually.

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