Thank you for a beautiful blog. I have a few questions. Do you know many people who have more or less the same dom style as you? To be honest, from what I have seen here it is difficult to find something similar ( no age play and honestly even though you seem to be brutal I do get an impression you are extremely caring). One more question, how was her relationship life before she met you and how old is she? thank you

The slave is 36. she had little, but one deep experience before, and a lifetime of fantasies and desires. I think that every Dom is wired differently and that the “BDSM”-label is a mis-nomer. As it seems, most would equal BDSM with rough consensual sex, mainly pursued in sessions. In contrast, this style is less consensual (she is Owned, slave and has no power and no rights, and cannot leave), but more caring than most (the more power her Owner possesses, the higher the demand on care and responsibility), and the D/s is integrated in everyday life with no pauses or relief, for good and bad, wrestling with all dimensions of life. Not all would appreciate this (but some would, believe it or not, you haters out there!).

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