The dynamic of a D/s relationship still has some law about consent, in there, does it not? So, with that being said, if your wife decided she didn’t want to do that lifestyle anymore, and she perhaps wanted to raise her child being a full time mother, instead of a slave, you wouldn’t let her? Aren’t you concerned about her mental health and the toll it’s taken on her thought process? And another thing, do you even love her? Or care at all about her feelings? Why did you even marry her?

Which laws are you referring to? Who writes your laws? No, I would not allow her to live any life that I do not decide. she is a full mother as it is now (and a better and more full mother than any I ever seen). I may love her (depending on what meaning you load that word with), but more importantly, I Own her, care for her, and is responsible for her. Indeed I care for her mental health (which is robust), and the only reason I would be concerned for it is if I allowed her to live in any other way. Anon lives in a very different world than we do.

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