Hi! Love the blog, love the lifestyle, and very happy for your new little family. If I may ask, outside of the master and slave lifestyle, what is if you love about your wife personality-wise? Like with my Daddy, outside of when he’s disciplining me and molding me into his own perfect toy, he’s very funny, nerdy, etc. I love him for his dominance and things outside of that. So besides her submission and her capability as a mother, what is it you love about your wife?

There is no “outside” the Master-slave relation. Things I do to her are all in that sort of relation and bears meaning as such (although not all are BDSM-related or even at times discernible from “normal” activities, not even for her). I Own her, and My obsession with enslaving her is related to her eternal beauty when fully submitted, her intoxicating and absolute obedience, her natural ability to be a perfect whore for her Owner (trained correctly), but must of all the sense of that she belongs to (and needs) her Owner. As important, as her Owner, things I dislike within her, I will change and/or root out. Things I miss in her, I insert and/or reinforce. the slave shall be molded to be perfect for her Owner. As such Ownership is a process of shaping and creating. I demand that she becomes what I train her to become. It is My obligation to embetter and make her perfect.
But ok, the question still applies: razor sharp intelligence; horny in mind and nature; loyal and trustworthy; being a beautiful mother; true and real; mild-mannered (when in her right place); her need of humiliation and pain; the curves of her neck when bowing deeply; her inner strength; the shape of her body; and, a being as bold with the big things in life (becoming a slave, being bred, forced to be altered) as she is squeamish with the small things(wasps, turbulence, unexpected knocks at the door). Overall, a very promising core to create a slave from.

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