I HAVE to ask: when did exactly you Master/slave dynamics started? Has she always wanted to be enslaved and you a master? Or did you started dating and decided to go for this? Also. Family. Your family. Her family. Do they know of your dynamics or not? Will your child know that their mother is actually an owned slave to the father? Sorry for so many questions. I’m just really, really curious

We have both had it in us since childhood. But a certain maturity and experience is needed to find out what that “it” really is. Then life gets in the way, referring more extreme (i.e. the depth which is is really sought) outlets to pockets and sideshows. Then magic appears where life, preferred lifestyles, kinks, desires, and cravings conflate. Or so it seems, and her Owner decided that it was worth a full try with no holding back. Hence, the entire blog is a journey, an adventure, and a challenge with no safeguards or guarantees. Life as its rawest. All close to us know what they need to know. Social events can pass with smoothly with little disturbances. Our children will know that the Man decides.

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