You have the wrong idea on women…. They were not made to serve men, they were not made to be doormats…. While i like the ones that do, it’s a good thing i know how to follow laws, and know what consent and free will…. A slave has the choice to be a slave or be vanilla…. I’m still surprised she hasn’t fought back, i guarantee if i was in her position i would have and left…. There are too many sick people in this world, like the one running this blog obviously

Oh no….yet another mindless and spineless know-it-all understand-nothing hypocritical do-gooder! (How many are there out there). What is your point? Rescuing slaves that don’t want to be rescued from bad guys that are not (all that) bad? Impose your narrow-mindedness on the rest of the world? Denying other to live the life you would want to live but do not dare? Expose your glorious and amazing genius (do narcissists understand sarcasm?)? Either way, you are a pretender, trying to be “tough” on your own blog marketing stuff you do not stand up for. You may be the greatest hypocrite on Tumblr. Please go in bathing in your self righteousness, but do it somewhere else. You may find a place where your hollowness is appreciated (although I doubt it!).

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