good morning, I follow you a long time and I love all the posts .. my curiosity is about the after delivery play .. first was natural delivery ? do you like a loose cunt or prefer a tight ? What are the precautions for using breasts full of milk? me and my slave are thinking about breeding and it is always interesting to hear the impressions of those who are going through it .. =)

Delivery was natural, hard and beautiful. After delivery play: our life is so much more than penetrative sex and “play”. In fact, being safety conscious, six weeks after delivery there has still not been any pussy penetration. There are sessions, discipline, punishment, repression, pleasure, violence, bondage, forced orgasms, confinement and many other good things on a daily basis though. None of these have been hampered by protecting her pussy from infections and abstaining from penetration. In a more narrow sense I took measures early on to put her in anal training, and I fine-tuned her deepthroating skills. Both cum to good use now and it is important for her to be able to fully satisfy her Owner at all times. Breasts with milk can be tortured although some precautions must be applied. (And indeed, clamps can just as well be attached to pussy lips, marks be placed on thighs, and instead of beating her breasts, her ribs can be battered. Variation in fact amuses). she will be as tight as ever, and in the meantime her anal is the tightest imaginable. And her throat is lovely. If your relation is good, go ahead breed her; the lifestyle will, if any, flourish from it.

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