I didn’t say you would do it to a random woman, most would never ever let you take it that far, they would put that in the contract… but what would you do if she was depressed and miserable, wanted to die…. Still you would not care to let her go?

I do not think you have embraced the idea of Ownership properly (nor of slavehood). Let’s try again: what do you do with your dog (a bitch of course) if it is miserable? Give it a kick in the ass and send it into the woods with a half-hearted “good luck”, feeling you got rid of the problem, but knowing it will crumble and suffer? No, you don’t. You activate it, train it harder, whip it if it misbehaves, and gives it candy when it has been good. You buy it a new leash, change its diet, and moves its cage to a more sunny place (or deeper into the basement). You pick up a book and study new creative training methods. You buy it a bigger cage, or, most likely, a smaller one to help it find its place and feel safe and cared for. You may spoil it and allow it in the sofa and cuddle and play with it for a while. Or perhaps you let it meet other bitches and hounds, or lend it to another owner for fun, recreation, or re-training. Or let your friends keep it for a while on a rotating scheme. If need be you take it to the vet, and have her checked-up and fixed. Or you acquire another bitch in the house to see if this lightens up the mood (it often does with dogs). Possibilities are endless. Or in short: it is My responsibility to take care, take responsibility, mould her to my liking, make her thrive, and be a good Owner. (And we all know a high-quality bitch needs a firm hand, strict training, and a strong Owner to thrive). For good and bad, we are in this together. Of course a bitch can not (nor can a slave) be joyful all the time. At the end of the day it has to adapt to the circumstances it is living under. And again, there are reasons this particular slavegirl is properly Owned the way it is – not for all and definitely not for the faint of hearts. And I do not preach it for those that do not understand this analogy.

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