You mentioned before you don’t use birth control. What would you do if she gets pregnant?

Somehow the question is wrongly phrased. It should be phrased: “Would not getting her pregnant be an excellent way of controlling, dominating, and forcing your will upon her?” Or: “Would not making her pregnant without asking or having talked to her about it be a beautiful way of emphasizing that she has no say in the matter (and then of course not in more simple matters).” Or perhaps: “she is Owned so you make her pregnant any time you like, right?” Or maybe: “Are you planning ro rape her in such a was she gets pregnant?”.

But ok, It is not Me asking. Anyway, “if” should be “when”. And then it can be answered “continue with the rest of My plan and with our beautiful lives.” Remember, a pregnancy is not the result of a session gone wrong; a pregnancy is the result of us living the way I have decided we should.

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