Do you ever use isolation as a training tool? For example, just leave her alone for a day or two with no contact so she longs for you or any human contact? Perhaps even leave her in bondage. I’m picturing blindfolding her tightly, tying her hands behind her back, and letting her roam blindly about the house for a day.

Apologies for delayed answer. I gave it a good thought. It is in fact a better idea than expected. Unfortunately we neither live in a dungeon, nor in palace, hence life gets in the way for (some) extreme measures. Having said that, she already spends some time alone and chained in the basement, and parts of her life is lived naked inside a hood, helpless, exposed and vulnerable. But along the line of the question, these could very well be stepped up a level, and be topped up with some measured incentives: while hooded she is naked and subjected to random, unpredictable, and sharp canes. Chained in the raw basement she may be awarded some cold water occasionally. Long time in between contacts, and she is not let out until she is as good as she possibly can. And that she know that very well. It has potential….

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