Hello Sir, I have recently discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it so far! I was just wondering, what is the harshest punishment you have given your slave and what did she do to deserve it?

Neglecting to torture her when she needs it!?
Not allowing her to serve her Owner deep and hard for some time? Unintentionally “allowing” her to leave her proper place!?

Or perhaps rather:
Tied up 5 minutes in an icy (Icy) cold shower for obvious disobedience?
Routine application of electric shocks to her nipples for altering unwanted behaviour?
Beating her black and blue at a hotel room with a riding crop right through her (attempts at) resistance for being obnoxious and feisty all night?
The caning of her soles for the sheer sadistic beauty of it?

What would you reckon? The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

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