The slavegirl shall be kept under control at all times. The slightest “escape” is a nuisance to her Owner and shall be avoided. she is to be controlled, protected, disciplined and corrected. Also when she sleeps, she is regulated. When she is allowed to sleep in the bed with her Owner, the slave is allowed to sleep in two different positions:
1. On the right side of her Owner with her head on His chest, cupping His balls with her right hand. Or:
2. The same side, the back to Him, tightly hugging His arm that is wrapped around her. she is allowed to alternate between these.

she lies really close to her Owner at all times, and is always careful not to disturb His sleep. she wakes up with the first thought in her mind to caress and take care of her Owner’s cock. How tired she is (and she can be Tired in the morning) her demeanor is soft and sweet when she wakes up. she is trained that her entire day becomes better if she is used hard first thing in the morning, serving her Owner well.
Even inadvertent breaches of the above renders disciplining.
As a long-term process with gradually increasing pressure, she is now before she falls asleep told what to dream, forced to remember and tell about her dreams when she wakes up. she thus serves her Owner also when sleeping.

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