her Owner thrives from inducing pleasure and pain in ample amounts on His slave. And in combination. And in sequence. Most often the slavegirl is required to remain still under disciplining and punishment, unable to resist her Owner’s will, taking whatever she deserves. But yesterday night – when she was to be caned at the inside of the thighs and on the cunt itself – she was helped. She was prepared with several layers of crude hempe rope on one thigh, the rope wrapped around the underside of the bed, up and fastened to the other thigh. It was then tightened sharply, pushing her legs wide apart, forcing her open, ready for torture. In the end, when she had been beaten for 20 minutes, for His twisted little pleasure, He forced an orgasm out of her tormented body and mind. her Owner was pleased, ready to sleep, enjoying the image still lingering in his head how perfectly spread and entirely unable to protect herself she was through the workings of the crude rope. Sweet and horny dreams followed.

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