Dear Mister, I was wondering if you have any advice as to what a sub can do if she feels her Dom may be experience Dom drop/ top drain/ or some kind of a guilt over the actions between us? Thank you.

Assuming you are not feeling abused (in the wrong way)….it is hard for a sub to form a Dom, but ok…

Communicate. Keep reminding Him you feel good about what He does. Express your desire for more. Make Him know you are not mistreated.

Lifestyle. Emphasize that this is the two of you living your life. Outside moral and other’s opinion means zero. You are grown-ups, making your way.

Rights. You have submitted to Him. Repeat that you understand that He has the right (and obligation) to do what He likes with you (safety and agreed hard limits considered). You expect and like that.

Normalize it. Show some elegant and eloquent blogs from female subs/slaves here at Tumblr that thrive from submission and where there are no reason for guilt or remorse. (The need for control. Pride over marks. Craving of pain. Realization of male superiority. Pleasure from subordination etc.).

Don"t tell Him what to do. But do emphasise that you need and enjoy (in which ever way that is) the bad stuff he does. If He is the type, He may thrive from a senior Dom/Master/Sadist mentor.

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