How often does it pleasure you? How often does it get pleasure? Is it allowed to cum?

It is trained to attend its Owner’s cock first thing in the morning, which is its Very First Thought when it wakes up. It fondles its Owner’s cock Every Time it gets kissed. When told to suck His cock it Never Ever Stops until it is told to. It pleasures its Owner when it is ordered, any time, anywhere. And it is bent over, raped in its sleep, and taken hard, all the time, every day. And even when hard for it, it takes it with a smile, gets horny, and thanks her Owner for being used. All this has been whipped into it and no exception or hesitation allowed. Any deviation is met by severe punishment. it is never ever allowed to cum without permission. It is trained to be mentally unable to. Sometimes it is not allowed for a week. Sometimes it is being edged for long time, At other occasions it is forced to cum 5 times in a row (and it is trained to cum hard every time, to the very core of her being). its orgasm are always for its Owner’s amusement, not its own. it is trained to feel pleasure from its Owners orgasms. It is a good slave. (But remember, sex is just a part of its slavehood).

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