Does your slave wear your collar 24/7? Do you guys go into public with it on or any other signs of submission? Thank you for answering if you have time or inclination to do so.

Yes, she does: work, party, the beach, sleeping….. Always. 24/7/365. It is locked by her Owner (so she cannot remove it) and made of titanium, so she even passes security controls at airports without removing it. she wears permanently wrist- and ankle- chains, never (almost) panties, and is dressed as her Owner dictates or approves at all times (ie thin dresses, easy access to her body, slutty attire, classily whorish, and, at occasions, smart or even elegant). Always dolled-up with make-up and nails in public. she walks always one step to the left of her Owner and one step behind. When needed, He holds her around the neck (visibly but discreetly), grabs her wrists (instead of holding hands), and gives her face slaps (which are soft in public and can pass as loving reminders of smthg). she obeys and follows in public as well as she does in private.

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