Does your families and children know anything about your lifestyle (in lack of more appropriate words) ? IF not – how do you manage to keep it secret? Does the slave have a dayjob or studies? I’m frankly a bit worried about her health…

Tks for your concerns. Fortunately we are not brainless dummies. Strong, explicit, and intimate expressions are kept private or in closed circles of likeminded, and we are good at creating our space. In social life her Owner is a dominant, but socially capable and overall friendly, man to his somewhat submissive, but sharp and dynamic woman. If anything it resembles a couple with a traditional division of labour and responsibilities. Some know more, others less, but overall there is no secret to be kept. The relation is hierchical and absolute with a core set of rules for her, but with subtle expressions publicly. What all see is a close and caring relation, which makes most people comfortable. her health is her Owner’s primary responsibility (and she is in excellent mental and physical shape btw). Why would – in your view – her health be at risk?

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