Do you guys have any hard limits? And are there ever times where you act as equals? Like outside of the Dom/sub experience.

No hard limits and no safe word. she IS slave and has no say. she cannot chose what is done to her. Having said that, she knows I am careful with her health and other security related issues. In addition there are prior “agreements” on a mutual non-interest in such things as scat, under-age and needles. Limitlessness requires trust.
Well, there are times where it seems for an outsider that we are equals. she may beat her Master in backgammon without being punished, she is allowed to tell her Master which decisions are best at her work, she may make a joke about her Master, and she is allowed to cheer for a different football team…but there is never a moment where I wouldn’t give her a face slap would she need it, or instantly drag her away for a golden shower if I feel the need. she has no rights and no power to resist at any time.

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