Thinking of His slave’s best, the Owner cut the bransches in His own garden, pruned them, and bound them together. He tried it out early on the slave with a mild whipping. Then He hung them in a dry place for two months, awaiting them to assume a dry, thorny, and harsh character. Now she needed to be put in place, and it was time to rip her tender and lovely (yet so resilient) skin on her ass into shreds. One Thousand lashes of varying strength and position was what she had to endure. “Terribly hard….and lovely” the little slave said afterwards….with fear and anticipation in her voice. The whip is intact, proved its worth and is ready for use again.

When the slave is up for an unusually hard whipping with the flogger, her Owner puts duct tape over her pussy and clit. The whip will be raining down hard, with systematic and slow cruelty, all over her petite and delicious body. And He does not want to hold back even the slightest. Face/neck and clit is protected…the rest will be drowning in the lashes of a viscous whip that does not stop. The whip is light but sharp…nothing else will break irreparably. After the whipping, the pussy (and the rest of the slavegirl) will be in perfect shape for lengthy use. Putting on the duct is lovely, the slave knows what will be coming….she also knows that the harder she is being whipped, the greater the chance for being rewarded with an orgasm afterwards.