A sweet dinner…the little whore was told to doll herself up for her Owner’s pleasure for a dinner. This means for her, 6 inch high heels, mini-dress, no panties (that is a general rule), classy-whore make-up, hair done, nails perfectly red. It also means, freshly shaven pussy straight back, breast shot forward, legs slightly spread, on alert for smallest command. she prepared the dinner of course in her full attire, and she knew that she’d get beaten if she delivered anything less than delicious. Lovely candle light dinner. By desert, on command, she knelt on the floor by her Owner’s feet. Such a sweet little creature could of course not go un-tortured through the dinner. Told to shut her eyes and remain quiet (to not ruin the elegant atmosphere of the dinner), her bare thighs were slowly coated in wax while her Owner peacefully finished the excellent desert. she took the pain elegantly as ordered, very quietly flinching at each drop. Indeed a good slave, tasty whore, and a candle light dinner of the best sort.

Harshly whipped, thoroughly taken, forced to submission, broken, naked on the floor, handcuffed, helpless. But the jewel in the evening’s crown remains: beautiful preparations are made for a serious session of wax play. The slavegirl is mentally in a position to take everything she will get, and indeed she deserves it. her Owner loves to cover her in red wax. A slow and lovely session is to begin….