It is when all cuteness, surface, and nonsense are peeled off, the slavegirl’s true beauty is exposed. When subjected to brutal power, helpless, with her Owner’s will filling her to the finest fiber, she feels most complete. And it is when being used and being useful, sensing Owner ruling her totally with no chance of escaping, she exists to her fullest. Real, hard and merciless. Luckily for the little girl – or maybe not – her Owner has a fetish for her orgasms. To create them, force them, and to repeat them at will, irrespective of her desires.

A slavegirl is at her best when used. That is when she has a purpose in life. When her Owner demands her, and she complies wholly and fully, she carries meaning. And the more used she is, the more purpose she has. When she has been used well, and is being beautifully subdued, she collapses safely in her Owner’s lap under His supervision. she gathers energy for her next tasks.

Sometimes the slave – she is after all just a little girl needing discipline and training – is exhausted from serving her Master long hours, work, lack of sleep, headache, or other circumstances (remember that she is slave 24/7/365 with no breaks). That could be an excellent opportunity to break her further, use that she is having no resistance left in her otherwise lively mind or petite body, brutally peeling yet another level of protection off her. But it could also – at rare occasions – be a reason to let her serve softly and delicately. Yesterday evening, after a long outdoor day in a chilly early autumn climate, she was plainly ordered: “Warm its Master’s cock softly with its mouth and throat”. So she did until she was told that her mission was completed. she thanked her Master for being used.

The li’l slavewhore is trained to serve her Master’s cock first thing every morning. Every morning, Irrespective of what and where. Sometimes being brutally assaulted, sometimes with a brief and soft tongue, as her Owner prefers. Tired, hangover, stressed, sick, moody…no excuses will do. she simply knows that no day will be good if she is not allowed to take care of her Master and/or be used right after wake up. her Owner enjoys this routine highly, and she feels good from bringing her Owner pleasure. slave knows that would she fail to pleasure, the day will start miserably. Obedience, discipline, and generosity are traits that need to be even sharper carved into the soul of the little girl.

As a way of impacting her subconscious – that she is Always the object for her Owner’s pleasure, and that there never is anything she can do to stop Him from using her as and when He likes – slave knows that she sometimes is raped straight out of her deep sleep. This morning, her Owner awoke before her, hard and keen. It was a good time to reinforce her sub-conscious knowledge. Also in her sleep she is available. Always. Ten seconds after this pic was taken, she is flat on her stomach, spread legs, and with her Owner’s cock filling her. He pounds her until He is satisfied. her small noises amuses Him. The day started well: it will be a good day.