she is a tough one. Courageous and durable. But several sequences of face-slapping, interrupted by stern words putting her in her right place does the trick. Dolled up to perfection, hands on the back, and no attempts to avoid the face-slapping allowed, eventually make her yield her oh-so-beautiful tears. And with that the mental shields come down, false dignity vanes, and the hope of ever being able to protect herself from the Owner’s will disappears. she is where she needs to be.

she does not give them away easily, her soul’s diamonds rolling down her cheeks. Blackened by the whorishly black mascara, she is perfect slave, whore, an Owned. she is durable and strong and won’t yield if it is not deserved. Such, every tear is a beauty, a testimony to authenticity, a source of pride, joy and ownership for her Owner, and the origin of release and trueness, for the slave. The black shining diamonds, digging stripes in her sweet face, are loved and cherished, triggering and enhancing the horny desire for pain and pleasure. Whether driven by agony, humiliation, or overwhelmed exhaustion they are as real as the slave. And as beautiful.

The slave has bravely delivered a babygirl to her Owner, and is now increasingly demanded for servicing in other ways. It is returning to beautiful suffering, to being marked, and to enjoying painful tears that her Owner forces from her. The tears she gives only when her Owner has deserved them and she can’t hold them back. It must in the midst of child caring and domestic duties know its place, and be pushed down as soon as opportunities arise. It has never been more beautiful and her Owner enjoys Himself thoroughly.

It is not always easy being slave. Nor shall it be. she is courageous, brave, and durable. Forced and guided, she can always take more than what she thinks, always walk the extra mile for her Owner, and she always finds strength in her female soul. she does because she has no choice, she is Owned, cannot escape, and must do as she is told. There is no alternative for her. And that is how it should be, simple and beautiful, but not necessarily easy.