The most beautiful act, and the core of a slave’s duties. Caring for her Master. Serving her Master’s cock in the deepest possible way. Relentlessly dedicated to her task, serving until she is done, with full focus, enjoying her natural place. Steered, guided, and coerced when necessary. Trained to deliver maximum pleasure, taking her Master whole and brave. Groomed to be utterly beautiful and elegant in her serving. The slave as art. A well done masterpiece. she shall feel the pleasure of her perfection as much as her Master does. It has taken hours of caning to perfect her, and it was worth every stroke. An epic image of the eternal woman in her perfect place.

The floor needed to be cleaned, the slave needed to be humbled (she always does). her Owner felt like enjoying a beautiful view. A fellow Tumblr asked for her on the floor dolled up. Perfect match. Babydoll dress, stay ups, and spread legs on commando….on her knees, scrubbing every lil corner clean, her Owner walking across the cleaned area, scrubbing again…..anyone else wants her in a degrading position/situation?

After an outbreak of free will and obnoxious behavior, seriously displeasing her Owner, she now sleeps chained and padlocked to the bed all and every night. she is chained when she is put to bed and released (and chained in a new location) only in the morning after having pleased her Master. This is a trial-period. If she does not please her Master, and remain calm and submissive in her chains, she will sleep in the cellar.

The girl did not obey. she had to be disciplined, taken down, and reminded that she is but a slavegirl, with no power and with no rights. Tied up in the shower under a stream of icy cold water for five minutes is a perfect remedy for her. Afterwards she was humbled, pure, and very submissive. And a pleasure to handle. Highly recommended treatment. To be repeated.