Both bitches are broken and put in their place, under, subdued, forced to the floor. Beaten, raped, forced to orgasm for hours in an evening taking sharper and sharper turns….the other slave obeserving my slave being forced to cum repeatedly with brutal metal tools….my slave silently forced to watch her Owner’s cock be forced down the other slave’s throat till she passes out. Both utterly helpless under their Owners’ combined superior will. Used until there is no energy left….then still my slave is forced to lick the already spent slave to another orgasm….not for the orgasm but for the completion of the destruction of any resistance or false dignity. Then, the beautiful quiet space with the other slave resting on my chest and my slave collapsing as close as she is allowed. Spent and broken bitches, beautiful in their full submission.


There are many beautiful features in this image. First, the slutty slave girl in the back and the disciplined obedient one in the forefront: both are inviting usage in their own ways. But a second look reveals its deeper meanings, namely the subtile efficiency of slave girls inadvertently disciplining, and being disciplined by, one another. The first one is shy, forced to display herself in front of the other girl (which she does not know), being humiliated and mentally taken down. The other, still elegant and untouched, watches the brutally beaten Ass of the first, knowing exactly what is in store for her, trembling. Even more, the first keeping still in perfect position, hoping the Owners will let her go soon (and not beat her beaten ass again) the other keeps a perfect posture so Owners will be pleased with her and may let her be spared the most severe beating. The night was young, and before the night ended, they both got what they deserved.