A bitch caught and tamed. A girl enslaved. No talking. No expression. Trained like an animal ready to be put to use. Waiting quietly with her eyes downcast. Tied up and helpless she focusses on the spot she has been told to until further notice. Scared, yet horny. Blank in her mind, in her spot. Ready for her Owner’s cruelties. A beautiful slave in a desirable state of mind. A piece of highly valued property.

she is a slavegirl. Property. Owned. The harsher she is kept the better, the stricter she is forced into the corner of absolute slavehood the more satisfying for her and her Owner. There is no other life for her left. The more perfectly even the vaguest of possibility of any other existence can be erased from her head, the better for her feeling of comfort, peace, and security. she is used, taken, and full-body whipped every morning. From the feet up to her breasts (face is saved for slapping), from her soles up to her shoulders. When her body is glowing and her mind set deep into slave mode, she is ready to start the day of obeying and pleasing her Owner.

It was a beautiful dinner party, a sweet guest, and lovely food and wine. At some point, the property had to be secured, chained to the floor, so it could not possibly be in the way for the humans enjoying themselves. When it was time it was released so it could serve and please as required. As always when chained in its right place, it was a delight.