Pregnant or not, she is slave. It does not go away, it takes no pauses, it is not exchangeable. The forms for how she is kept alter slightly due to circumstances, but she is always slave. Many have asked here how pregnancy and having a baby is compatible with the lifestyle. Of course it is; it is not “a style”, it is the life we are living. The girl is captured, kept, trained, disciplined, loved, whipped, cared for, chained, and formed to please her Owner at all times. This does not primarily takes place in a dungeon; it happens everywhere and all the time. Naked, pregnant, chained, cooking for her Owner in the kitchen. A beautiful image of womanhood and slavehood, as efficient as any dungeon.

her two main tasks in life are to take care of her Master’s cock and to carry His child. she has been trained to always attend His cock when commanded. The slavegirl is never ever allowed to hesitate or fail. Even the slightest lack of enthusiasm or effort would give her the harshest beating. Luckily she is beyond that, so her beatings are now mostly focussed on other issues. Now she has also been bred, and she carries her Master’s baby, fulfilling her dual tasks gracefully. A slavegirl at its finest, carrying out women’s inevitable and eternal duties as she (and other women) should.

Properly tied, breasts sticking out, slavegirl obediently remaining back to the wall. Pregnant breasts are swollen and sweet, and so much fun to play with. They are also extra sensitive, rendering the slavegirl moaning, crying or screaming aloud at times. A massive leather gag comes handy to silence her. her Owner enjoys her agony, gets horny by her pain, hence her task is to suffer whenever He needs to torture her. And the slavegirl shall be grateful for the gag, helping her not to disturb her Owner and to not interrupt His pleasure.

Already by late summer 2016 the slavegirl’s Owner decided she was worthy of fulfilling yet another function. He took her and made her pregnant, deciding that she should carry, give birth, and nurse His child. Of course she had no choice but to accept her fate, which is the greatest recognition an Owner can award a slavegirl. As her Owner expected and demanded, she has been an excellent female creature performing one of the two key tasks it has in this world, carrying the baby gracefully. she remains slave, with all her duties and responsibilities, serving her Owner as hard and well as before. Eight month pregnant she is a beautiful sight.