Trained and culled, exhausted and aching, the slavegirl obeys and serves. she follows her orders selflessly and always provides the highest pleasure she possibly can for her Owner (and other Men her Owner allows her to pleasure). her pleasure is secondary to her Owner’s. she works tirelessly. As a good little girl should.

Freshly showered, recently disciplined, and just unleashed from her iron bonds, she is ready to serve. Any slave, indeed any woman, shall always appear their best and make their outmost in order to please their Man/Owner. Essentially it is not even a choice as this is the most natural act a woman can pursue. And the most beautiful. The casual observer cannot tell, but this image displays at least 5 ways the slave has been trained to serve and please. she managed this well. she pleased her Owner, and did not have to be further beaten this evening.

The slave wants to be beautiful for her Master. The more beautiful the better. she shall learn that there is no more beautiful pose for her than when she fondles her Master’s cock with her pretty face. she rubs her Master’s cock softly all over her, seeking her own beauty and her Master’s pleasure. Lovely, slow, pleasurable moments.

the slavegirl does at all times what it is told to do by her Master. It cannot but obey, with complacency and beauty. But beyond that she shall also be trained to enjoy what she is told to do. Anything that she knows pleases her Owner, she shall learn to enjoy. To give her Owner sexual satisfaction – irrespective of what, when, and how – shall trigger the slave in mind and body. To satisfy certain kinks for her Master is a treat for her which she shall be grateful for being allowed to do. Of course she needs help to get there. The slavegirl needs to be properly coined, habituated, and trained. Time after time…