Nothing is more satisfying than breaking the li’l girl’s boundaries. To make her do things that she previously did not, or could not, do. “The slavewhore sits still, exactly there, until she is done peeing!” As simple as that. Nowhere to go, no chance to escape. Does what she is told. No thinking. No resistance. Does as she is ordered. No reflection. Obey. Hard. Quick. No nonsense. Obey! Then after she knows she is a bit lowlier than before. And a bit more beautiful. Ashamed, hopelessly beyond a previous boundary. On its way to the next. And Proud, having obeyed and pleased her Owner.

Although slave knows she is not allowed, at a weak moment, she tried to hide herself from her Owner. she tried to protect a tiny bit of privacy, and keep a shred of decency. This is not good for her: she shall be exposed and degraded at all times, never being permitted a shield towards her Owner. her inner core is beautiful and shall be open for her Owner to fully enjoy. It is not for her to deny her Owner Anything He wants from her. Forgetful (or a tiny bit of feisty), she needed to be re-trained on this. When needing to pee, she was put in the bathtube and told she stays there untill she peed herself. A dog lifts its leg, but she was not even allowed that, but just to sit still, just peeing as soon as she could, lower than a dog, dirtier than a bitch in the street. she found it horrible, but she also knew there was nothing she could do to alter the punishment. she deserved it, needed it, and obeyed swiftly. Then she was lovingly rinsed and washed all over her body and face with her own cold pee. Still horrible, still nothing she could do to impact how she was treated. her being, bowing to the realization that her Owner decided she deserved it. Owned and helpless she complied with whatever her Owner demanded from her. Eventually, b’coz of her beautiful submission, she was granted a hot shower to make herself beautiful for her Owner again. Humbled and lovely.