When allowed to sleep in her Owner’s bed, the li’l slave whore is now trained to sleep best and safest between her Owner’s legs, hugging cock and balls at all times. Both Owner and slave sleeps remarkably well like this. It must be because both are at their respective right place. This is written as she actually sleeps there. she just woke up a bit, made a slight move and cuddled back in tight to her Owner’s cock and fell right back to sleep. Sweet. Time to wake her up now for some harsher duties.

An epic image of humankind. As historical as central. The essence. The woman caring for her man. The whore pleasing her Master. The slave serving her Owner. That is the nature of humans and the story of humankind. Or should be. The female worshipping her Male’s cock in a sweet, subservient and absolute manner. her need to please in the deepest sense. That is her place every morning, every day, any time the Owner decides. she must never forget or hesitate, not even for a blink of an eye. her duty from birth, her inner craving and her natural place.