Chained, naked, and at the floor. This is a natural place for a slave. she may sleep in the bed in order to serve her Owner or nurse the baby, or b’coz her Owner decides she shall. But she can never expect that she is worthy (or have any right). On the floor in crude chains is her place. This is where she is the most beautiful for her Owner. Naked and vulnerable, ready to be used and abused….by her Owner or someone He has decided can use her. Chained. Naked. On the floor.

Put to work in the kitchen. To maintain a clean and tidy kitchen is of course the task of the slave. But her duties also include to be beautiful in the eyes of her Owner, and give Him pleasure in any situation, anywhere, anytime. Being naked, chained and cooking for her Owner is a lovely mix of her duties. With harsh un-negotiable chains around her neck, tightly rubbing her pussy, splitting her ass she is well prepared for some kitchen duties…as expected, the kitchen was cleaned and the food was amazing. As you all can see, she is made to wear chains…..

slave had prepared a delicious dinner for Master, with a fine wine and a medium rare steak, together with several thought-out side dishes and a French wine. Once Master was served to perfection by the fine table in the dining area, slave tok her place in the corner. Today she had been kept naked and in chains all day. Now she ate the scrapes from her Master’s plate once He was done, dish by dish. Like the female animal she at bottom is, she ate straight from the plate and sucked the wine from the bowl the best she could. And she is a fine and natural female animal. she was of course placed so that her Owner could enjoy the sight of His sweet creature, eating when her Owner ate, drinking when her Owner drank. As the followers of this blog may recall, she licks the plates clean afterwards. Today it was not perfect and she was awarded two lashes. A nice dinner.

The Master’s bedroom had turned dirty. slave had not been cleaning for a while. her Owner had kept her busy, so there hadn’t been much chance for the girl to tend to her Master’s room as she shall do. Now she was given the chance (ie an order) to clean and care for her Master’s wellbeing and comfort. Naked, in high-heels and of coz pretty as always, in order to give her Master a beautiful sight while doing her cleaning. But she did not do it well enough. Master was not happy. Re-do and improve! Learn her Master’s demands! No laziness! A few harsh moments followed….

As a sequel to a previously appreciated post – with the slave chained to the bed, and as a response to the wise comment by “hiscunt” that slavegirl should have been chained on the floor if she’d been naughty – a variation on her disciplining is displayed here. On a night out, she was less than respectful to her Owner, and unacceptably inattentive to His demands. she was disciplined and as a way of re-thinking her behaviour, she was chained to the floor, beside the bed and remained there cold, naked, and miserable for a part of the night.

There we go. Outdoor season is officially opened. Endless of possibilities arise. A slave naked, tied, helpless, alone. It may be a detail – she forgot to act on a minor everyday task she got from her Owner – but these “minor” things have occurred three times the last week and can’t be dismissed without correction. It is wreckless, nonchalant, arrogant, and simply not good enough for the slave. she needs to be taught better. she needs to be taught better b’coz her Owner demands her full attention; not a tiny piece of it. And also, she is at her most beautiful when she is iron-tightly disciplined, which she wants to be for her Owner at all times. her Owner left her there to reconsider her behaviour. Sunny and sweet….but 14 degrees and a sharp wind does after all bite a naked, petite and scared li’l slavegirl….after a while an uncontrollably shaking slavegirl was not arrogant anymore. As she was caned, she probably forgot that anyone passing by might have observed her being beaten by her Owner like a disobedient stray dog. Now it is time too see if she was efficiently taught….