If allowed, when not kept tight, in situations where her Master does not suppress her sufficiently, she may get rowdy, edgy and awkward (for herself and her Owner). When, on the other hand, she is put in her place and forced to submit hard and deep, she is magic. When whipped and humiliated in a way that she understands, her edges and sharp corners are smoothened in the most beautiful way. she falls into a soft and wholly pleasurable state of being, where light and colors flow with her, like an eternal firework in slow motion. she blends in with her Owner’s world, with no self-assertion, no protection, and with no limit to pains or humiliation. she turns into a perfect and beautiful shade and reflection of her Owners needs and desires. In her right place she is a perfect life-long property for her Owner. That is where she shall be kept.

The slave wants to be beautiful for her Master. The more beautiful the better. she shall learn that there is no more beautiful pose for her than when she fondles her Master’s cock with her pretty face. she rubs her Master’s cock softly all over her, seeking her own beauty and her Master’s pleasure. Lovely, slow, pleasurable moments.

The li’l slavewhore is now being better trained and eager to practice her perfected skills. Locked in. Hooded. Focussed. Prepared. slave is in the right place with every move and pace perfectly performed, with hands and fingers treating His cock as trained, and with a mind determined to please her Master to its uttermost. The harder she tries, the better she copes, the higher pleasure for her Master, and, in the end, the greater the slave’s satisfaction.

An epic image of humankind. As historical as central. The essence. The woman caring for her man. The whore pleasing her Master. The slave serving her Owner. That is the nature of humans and the story of humankind. Or should be. The female worshipping her Male’s cock in a sweet, subservient and absolute manner. her need to please in the deepest sense. That is her place every morning, every day, any time the Owner decides. she must never forget or hesitate, not even for a blink of an eye. her duty from birth, her inner craving and her natural place.