A slave cannot choose. This is at core of slavehood. Owner chooses. 20 stripes over tender thighs or an hour of nipple clamps. Owner chooses. A hug or a kiss on the forehead. Owner chooses. Salmon or steak. Owner chooses. Anal rape or a marked face. Owner chooses. Always.

A Singapore cane is an 1,2 meter long rattan cane used in the official penalty system. Those sentenced to strokes from the cane is supervised by a medical team, and padded over sensitive body parts such as kidneys and neck. The power of the cane is of the magnitude that it must not hit the wrong spot. No more than 24 strokes is ever allowed in the Singapore system. If we add the information that the slave crudely lost discipline on her slave protocol, you have all the info you need to understand the picture correctly. This time she was tied up to remain in place. But 24 was not enough…let see if her striped ass was sufficient to regain discipline. If not there is more to come….

Beauty lies sometimes in simplicity. To undress her, have her stand up and tie her neck/throat with a stiff rope tightly around a metal structure (and the end of the rope well out of her reach of course) is all that is needed. she simply cannot move anywhere, and any attempt to do so will immediately induce severe discomfort. she was beaten at the front and the inside of her thighs with a cane and then with a whip…..and some on her breasts when she was whining too much. To honor the efficiency of the set-up she got an unusually stern beating. her Owner was rewarded with black and blue marks on her which is still visible a week later. Irrespective of how harshly she was beaten, the beauty of simplicity ruled…there was nothing she could do but take it until her Owner was done!

When she deserves it a bit extra (and she does…), when she needs it hard (oh yes…), or when her Owner craves it (sadists do that without a reason) special efforts are made. The pain is sharper, the marks deeper, and misery worse when she is bent over like this. The strictly tied arms, a sharp bend of the delicate body, and the absolute impossibility for her to improve her position work miracles. Lashes over stretched skin, vulnerability of absolute helplessness, and the awkward position in itself, all combines to a difficult (and memorable) time for the slave. And a lovely one for her Owner. Just as it shall be. Accessible as she is, her Owner delivers pain to His liking. And there is nothing she can do.

The Owner worked slave over with a pair of pliers yesterday: the bamboo-stick (a fav for mark-making) broke at a previous beating, and an alternative strategy had to be applied. she Must Always carry two marks from her Owner’s treatment on her body. her body is first class resisting marks in the extreme, so it remains a challenge. The pliers seemed to do a good impression on the thighs. On the pussylips, the marks cannot be seen (but Felt if we ask slave). To the Owner’s disappointment, the marks faded soon – but the pain was good and real. And she looked beautifully humiliated when led for a walk by the pliers’ grip on her pussylips. Sometimes 2 out of 3 ain’t bad….

There has been a few questions here on the slavegirl’s registered slave number and whether they are tattooed on her. They are not, but they will be in due time. Currently her Owner is testing various beautiful spots with indelible ink. The numbers should be felt and exposed, yet possible to be discreet with when absolutely necessary.