A sturdy leather belt is a lovely device for a number of reasons. Pulling it out of your pants in front of your slave is a sweet measure. It is very convenient to beat your slave with since it is always at hand and has a considerable impact. And It can quickly be transformed into an efficient tool for strangulation and control. A slave should notice that most men wear leather belts and associate correctly at all times.

The slave was caught with a pussy not properly kept, deviating from her Owner’s preferences., It was not shaven and not perfectly smooth. Naturally, a pussywhipping followed to give her a lesson. First she was whipped with the leatherbelt between her legs from behind while she was standing up legs apart. When she got so sore she could not stand properly, she was laid in the bed on her back with her head towards her Owner and told to keep her legs spread. Then the leather belt pussywhipping continued. Every time she flinched and moved to close her legs, extra lashes were added. she must be perfectly obedient in all situations, her Owner enjoyed Himself as her pussy got raw and she struggled at every lash to keep her legs spread wide and nice. Eventually, she had had enough of whipping, and as often when tortured, she was forced to orgasm in order to associate her torturing with pleasure. It is rare that she is allowed to cum without first being tortured and rare that she is tortured without being forced to cum. A sweet connection. Let us see if her pussy now remains smooth at all times.

As was promised in the previous post, a pic and a text of her proper punishment should follow. Here it comes. There are few everyday moments that are more beautiful than the one where the slave is commanded on her knees, whereas her Owner simultaneously slides the heavy leather belt from His trousers with a well-known sound. (A leather belt rapidly pulled out from its trousers make a lovely sound!). she was given a proper work-over with the belt. The slave screamed, squirmed and moaned (perhaps even cried a little?), but she remained obediently is position – training pays off!. 😉 A lovely spice to the event was – and remember she is prudish – that she is whipped in a panoramic hotel room window clear, lights on, and several similar buildings around. Chances are high that someone in the nearby buildings were amused watching a sweet li’l slave getting what she deserved with a leather belt. Torturing her as deep as she deserves using only a belt, it must be swung with full force! So chances are that neighbors heard it too.