The floor in the Master/slave bedroom – on which the slavegirl spends a fair amount of time crawling, waiting, creeping, kneeling, sleeping, shaming and being raped – shall be kept squeaking clean at all times. “As clean as she can eat from it” as her order says. It is of course the responsibility of the slave to keep it like that. It has, however, not always been kept that clean, and she has been beaten before due to undutifulness. From now on, the slavegirl will actually eat direct from the floor on a regular basis. The Owner is convinced that this new routine will help her greatly to fulfill her task. (Judging from the faces she made trying to get rid of dust and hair from her mouth after having eaten, it will help instantly). To make the point that all the floor shall be kept clean, she had to crawl around and catch the bits and pieces her Owner threw in different directions. Note also that her gorgeous professional attire is still on, which obviously did not protect her from her new habit. her Owner is looking forward to next mealtime.