Nothing is more inspiring than a little bitch handing her Owner the cane for a well deserved punishment. Trembling a little, fearing the pain, yet knowing that she will get what she deserves. Even more importantly, she knows there is no way to get away from it, and even the smallest resistance renders sharpened punishment. Neither are words articulating complaints, nor movements aiming to avoid punishment allowed. Improved li’l bitch….one beating at the time.

Yesterday’s session was perhaps a bit harsher than else. A sturdy bamboo stick was broken straight off against the poor ass of the slave in the process of caning her into submission. And the sheet received some tear-driven mascara. But it was – of course – not hard enough. Not even close…..

Spring has cum!
She is on her way to her first outdoors caning of the season. her hands are tied so she has to carry the sweet and cruel rattan cane in her mouth. Of course she does that dutifully and obediently since she know it is needed. she is to be caned in the midst of an open lawn. Not much people around, but maybe a few wanderers will get an interesting glimpse….

As a way of disciplining, the li’l slavegirl is beaten, caned, whipped, or spanked everyday. Sometimes several times per day. It is good for her. And her Owner takes great pleasure in that. As a sign of her Owner’s impact and claim on her, and His care for her, she shall always carry two distinct marks on her body from the beatings. Every day she is inspected. Today we found a lightly red and tender ass, and half a dozen stripes from the cane on the inner lower thighs. she passed without further marking/beating. Tomorrow it is likely to need to be enhanced. Always two marks.

The slavegirl does not bruise easily. Not even after a severe beating. But this evening she neglected a recently established rule (which she was fully aware of) and she obviously needed a deep beating. With a lil help of a treasure chest and a 2-meter Singapore sting, rattan cane, the girl was corrected. Red. Soft. Obedient. Embettered. Trained slave, satisfied Owner. So simple….