slave is taken into a new phase of training. It is at the same time a restart and an acceleration of her submission. The aim is to (re-)cement the foundations, while also establish the Absolute and the Total. One of many strategies is to slowly, step by step establish the basic values a good slave should harbour. her Owner has unintentionally let her slip and it must be remedied. In addition to her Owner, an experienced slave trainer was engaged, and she will be worked over from several directions, in her mind and her body. Here her trainer improves her “…since you already confessed your bad behaviour in finding and staying in your place I have no other choice than ask Owner to give you extra punishment that comes from me.” her trainer sentenced her to 7 medium and 3 hard strikes with the harsh cane; her Owner executed the punishment. We were pleased with the result: if you look carefully, you can see exact the 7 minor, and the 3 major stripes. And if you could hear the slave’s whining and whimpering, you (or at least the sadists among us) would enjoy it too. It will be repeated until the right behaviour is firmly in place. One core value at the time….

In a sea of old and new bruises, one mark stands out. A classic cane mark, sharp, precise, deep, red (then lilac, black, green, yellow, fading), beautiful. A better hit than the others this day. The little slave does not bruise easily, and He works hard to produce them, so every bruise she shall wear with pride. Every mark is evidence of her Owner’s Ownership of her. Every mark is a source of joy for her Owner. This is how it should be thought of: a really sharp cane lash hurts the slavegirl intensively for ten seconds only, but gives her Owner pleasure for a week. The slave’s ten seconds pain is entirely irrelevant in light of her Owner’s longer pleasure. And in addition, her pain, her petite body writhing, her screams, (if we are good) her tears are in themselves balm for her Owner’s soul. The more marks, the better.