A slave cannot choose. This is at core of slavehood. Owner chooses. 20 stripes over tender thighs or an hour of nipple clamps. Owner chooses. A hug or a kiss on the forehead. Owner chooses. Salmon or steak. Owner chooses. Anal rape or a marked face. Owner chooses. Always.

The li’l slave think it is not fair…you have all seen “elite pain” and “Russian Spanking” where the girls get beaten and striped into a bloody mess!? The slave believes that she gets beaten harder than that but her ass does not bruise as easily and her skin does not break, hence she does not seem to produce an equally battered and beautifully beaten body. her Owner is more leaning towards “If it does not show, it did not hurt (enough)”. Either way, this time she has a lovely ass to show off. Even her Owner believes it really did hurt. Nice…

Few things in this world are more beautiful than a slavegirl beaten to submission, accepting being Owned. It comes naturally with bruises and marks, showing that her Owner cares for her evolution, and taking proper care of her disciplining. When she fully understands that her Owner can and will undress her, bend her over, tie her up, and mark her at any time, the bond is solid. The slave bears the marks proudly, feeling safe with her Owner having marked her as His.

The slavegirl does really not bruise easily. Or at all. And when she does, she heals miraculously fast. Red throbbing welts from caning at nighttime are but a pale, hardly visible, reminder morning come. But yesterday her Owner strung her up with ropes, hands tied to a loop in the ceiling and back to the inserted anal hook. It was strict and she was to be caned. The lesson of the moment was that she shall stay still when she gets beaten (as the experienced reader already concluded, physically she could move but then she would hurt herself as bad by pulling the vicious hook). her thighs were caned from the front. And there, unexpectedly, some bruises soon emerged. Extra bonus to a nice session. her Owner makes a mental note that stretched thighs in combination with attacking the front of the immobilized slave with a rattan cane seems to be a successful formula. Good to know. (Electrical chord whipping is another successful formula, but that is saved for proper punishment sessions).