At times, the cold basement, the hood, and the chains are not enough to properly subdue the li’l slavegirl. But in combination with the cane she soon becomes soft, sweet and pliable. In bad cases, the cane also fondles her bare soles….that sends the message through in a clear way and leaves her howling, gasping for air. So sweet.

The basement is important for the slavegirl. To be chained there with no chance to escape is a key to her sense of slavehood. To be whipped in her helplessness is good for her (note the beautiful stripes on her thighs on the first photo). she must know at every moment that she is slave with no rights and no power. she is Owned and can in no way decide on any part of her life. This must be her primary thought at all times. If she loses it for a little while, she must be forced back. sometimes she is crying and screaming, shivering and shaking, but there is no escape. Once down there, she is whipped, manhandled, and raped. Being chained in the cold and dark basement, tied into helplessness is good for her. It is all a physical expression of her existence. And a beautiful one.